BOOK REVIEW- SAPIENS: Telling the story of the Human Race

Arnaldo, Carlos, MA
Faculty and Associate Editor at Enderun Colleges

After all the studies one has made in life, why would anyone want to read the history of the human race again? Do we need to review archeology, biology, and physics to do this? And who is Harari?

He is a storyteller who starts his yarn with a handprint, possibly of a woman, 30,000 years ago in the cave of Chalet Pont d’Arc in France. Why? The hand is saying to us today, “I was here.” An early cognitive act documented in stone.

Our author unwinds his yarn the way bards used to sing the iambic pentameter verses of the Odyssey and the Iliad. He tells his stories in a way that often smashes the myths of what we have believed all these years. And many of these myths are propping up society, business, and networking today! Faced with astonishment and contradictions, Harari makes us rethink our thinking.

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