Effect of Water Crisis on Agriculture, Industry, and Households: Perspectives from the Sustainability Summit 2018

Engr. Edmond P. Macedaa
Dr. Demetrio P. Salipsip, Jr.b
Jacqueline L. Lucero, MaEd, RLc
aProfessor and Head of Sustainability Department of Enderun Colleges; bResearch Director and Professor in the College of Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economics, Enderun Colleges; cAcademic Librarian and Associate Editor, Enderun Colleges & Asst. Professorial Lecturer III, PUP Sta. Mesa (Part-time)
Water shortage, Philippines, irrigation, wastewater pollution, household wastes, solid wastes, sustainable environment, ecosystem, fresh water, water and sanitation, agriculture, industry, household
The Philippines in spite of its abundant natural resources are still expecting or experiencing water shortage in the urban and rural areas with different causes and problems that needed an immediate solution. This study attempted to collect all narrative explanations and views of experts pertaining to the impact of the water crisis on agriculture, industry, and household during the Water Sustainability Summit organized by Enderun Sustainability. Nonetheless, the researchers also conducted a survey among the participants on their awareness and water utilization habit. From thereon, causes, effects, and recommendation were formulated to understand the existing water shortage phenomena.

Category: Business , Economics , Entrepreneurship , Gen. Ed. , Hotel Management , Sustainability , Tourism